Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cute, Simple Hairstyle in 5 Minutes or Less!

When it comes to my hair, I'm super low maintenance. I usually just let it air dry, put in some leave-in conditioner and I'm done. But sometimes, I want my hair to look a little prettier without spending years at the mirror. This hair style is super simple, but it's my favourite hairstyle to do when I want cute hair in five minutes or less.


I begin by finding a hair tie (preferably one with a bow attached to make your ponytail more fancy).

I first lightly tease the crown of my hair for extra volume. Then I pull my up hair into a high ponytail and move the ponytail slightly to the side so it is more visible from the front. This should only take a minute or so. Then I take a curling iron and quickly curl my hair while it's in the ponytail.

I curl big sections at once to quickly get bigger, more romantic looking curls. I also only curl the bottom three inches of hair or so, but because my hair is in a ponytail, you can't really tell that you only curled the ends. Curling my ends takes me about two or three minutes, since it's in big sections.


Afterwards, your hair should look something like this. A cute, voluminous, curly ponytail. So simple and quick, yet so pretty!

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