Saturday, March 29, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week

This month has been crazy for me. Half my days I spend in class, the other half I spend doing an insane amount of assignments, interviewing, job searching, attending events to write about for school, etc. I also applied to volunteer for Toronto Fashion Week, which happened not too long ago.

For some reason, I was one of the only volunteers who had a shift from Monday to Friday. They were only 4 hour shifts, but plus the ride there and back I lost five hours of my day not doing homework (You know your life is literally school when you regret not doing homework...)!

Anyway, I was for some reason expecting to be dressing models or assisting designers or something cool (I know it's too good to be true) aaaaaaand I ended up standing in one place for hours and saying hi to people. It wasn't the most exciting job, but at least I wasn't doing heavy lifting or picking up glasses like most of the other volunteers.

However, I do not regret it at all! I was in the media lounge, so I got to greet and meet reporters and photographers. I also stood next to Jeanne Beker and Cheryl Hickey (who was absolutely stunning)! Coco Rocha made an appearance as well but of course it wasn't during one of my shifts (cry). I did however, get FREE water bottles! Haha just kidding. I actually did get water, but I got free pizza, skincare products and magazines as well, and everyone was so nice. I made a few friends actually, which I wasn't really expecting. I got to go backstage as well and see the makeup artists work on the models.

I managed to see Joe Fresh on the runway, which was awesome but super crowed. My favourite designers for this Fashion Week were probably Pink Tartan, Stephan Karas, Mackage, Vawk and Matthew Gallagher. I tried to take some pictures at the Joe Fresh show, however my iPhone pictures (and everyone else's iPhone pictures) made the models look like human-shaped light bulbs.

Really shows off the clothing, no?

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